Aoi Kousaka is the main protagonist of Strongest Gamer - Let's Play in Another World. He ends up recruited to work for Karumi as the manager of Labyrinth #228.


Aoi is an avid Japanese gamer and is well-versed in all types of gaming. After taking a job for someone "proficient for gaming" he ends up in another world and uses his skills in order to try and make a living there.


  • Dungeon Management Tool
  • Appraise

Appearance Edit

Aoi has natural black hair, black eyes, and a fair complexion. He dresses in a black suit and a sky blue tie.

Personality Edit

Aoi has an easy-going attitude towards those who are close to him and acts courteous to those who are strangers to him. Overall he's an ordinary person, with a knack for games.

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